Prelude donderdag 18 juni 2015

From Meeting to Movement – Mark Pixley

This workshop/masterclass works on the underlying question of “how do we as facilitator move from providing effective meeting process to truly helping a group move to action?”

The challenge is both creating the dialogue required to build relationships and exchange of knowledge and the discernment process to enhance the decision making and organizing for action.

This program will be based upon EU-China Civil Society Dialogues which was eight large scale multi-day conferences on major social issues undertaken between 2011 – 2014 with a cross section of European and Chinese NGO, academics and government officials. The programs were developed to allow “expert” contexting/sharing and involvement of all participants in understanding and developing appropriate actions.

The intention will be to create a facilitator think-tank to explore and develop our understanding of helping a group move towards actions, particularly in areas where it is more difficult to discern who has responsibility or the possibility for effectiveness. Each attendee brings their experience and knowledge which will allow an enhance understanding of the topic.

Facilitating Crossing Bounderies ​- Julia Goga-Cooke

My workshop is a result of my research on the Future of Work with 80 global corporations brings insights on what types of boundaries organisations are trying to cross within and outside their walls- and what does this mean in terms of opportunities for facilitators.

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